Hi! I am Amandine, 17 years old, from France.
This tumblr will show you a lot of graphism: gif, pictures, avatars. Feel free to use everything that you'll find but thank's to credite sobade.


Emilie Autumn’s gifs from her first clip fight like a girl

x6 avatars size 200*320 of the beautiful Lena Katina (from T.a.T.u) 

x6 Gifs of “Not gonna get us” from Tatu. I really love this song, it tells a powerfull story.

Russians boys are soooo hot! 

avatars size 200*320 of Danila Kozlovsky ; Timati and Dima Bilan

x6 Sarah Michelle Gellar’s avatars size 200*320. Love her with dark hair <3

A video I made weeks ago about the beggining of the great movie ‘Sucker Punch’ which is quite sad. Music is Sweet Dreams by Emily Browning. 

x6 Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova gifs. Tatu forever <3